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Fat Guys

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~New member!~ [28 Aug 2005|12:53am]

[ mood | Mmmm. . . ]

Hello. I am a new member and wanted to say hey. Dunno what else to say. I am 23 years old and in California and here's a pic of me under the cut...just to save space:

~ME~Collapse )

Whats The Skinny

fatty mc fat fat [21 May 2003|11:23pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

i feel extra fat today.

:( I hate this.

Anyone know of any good
medication to lose wheight?

1 Fat Lie| Whats The Skinny

Today Was Good [16 May 2003|09:20am]
[ mood | accomplished ]


Height: 6'1
Wheight: 320
Age: 19
Location: Canton, Mi
Status: Single
Screen name: o0nac0o (for AOL)
Interest: Lots, mostly music
Desired Wheight: 210
Reason Why: To wear clothes I like

Well guys I wish us all luck
and cannot wait for things to
build up!

Whats The Skinny

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